Amazon Exec

Amazon Exec is a tool used by the executives of AstraZeneca and used to provide rapid access and comparison for a wide range of business data using a combination of line/bar graphs, tubular data and data comparison screen. Document galleries, favourites and presentations are all handled by the app also.

The app is required to work completely offline, which presents a significant problem as there's currently almost 50 million rows of data that the app can represent. The problem is not only in getting that data onto the iPad but keeping it up to date. After an initial data app is installed the app frequently checks for updates in the background (including iOS 6 compatibility using the location API's) data is then processed in the background. To ensure that data is processed quickly, throughout the month "future records" are downloaded to the app so that when it comes to downloading data that the user wants to see, the app need only perform an update on a single field rather than inserting completed records. 

Given the amount of processing that's going on in the app at any one time there's a large amount of concurrency involved in the app's operation and careful consideration is needed for all Core Data interactions.

Note: Screenshots of the application cannot be provided given its' sensitive nature.




The Distance


Sep 2012 - Mar 2014